How much does a heart bypass cost?

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CABG or coronary artery bypass graft procedure involves using a lung – heart machine so as to redirect the blood circulation while the coronary muscle is stopped, cooled and repaired. In order to bypass the coronary artery blockages, the doctor is going to harvest another blood vessel taken from the leg or the chest, and pass it around the damaged coronary artery. This procedure is going to redirect the flow of blood around the obstruction. When the surgery is over, the heart is restarted after it was previously warmed and the doctor can close the chest.

The detour created by this heart bypass surgery allows the heart to receive more oxygen and blood. This procedure is very effective for coronary artery diseases, especially if angioplasty, conventional medication and other treatments have failed. There are some risks that come with this operation and these are memory problems, reactions and allergies to anesthesia, stroke, infection, heart attack, blood clots, blood loss and death.

Also, heart bypass entails various costs. Individuals who have a health insurance will have to pay for the prescription drug co – pays and doctor visit co – pays. Additionally, patients will have to pay for the co – insurance that can be up to 50%. In case the heart bypass surgery is medically necessary, the health policy covers it.

The cost of a heart bypass surgery is between $80,000 and $250,000 and the patients who don’t have a health insurance will have to pay the entire sum. The type of facility establishes the cost. However, procedures that entail complications are more expensive and those who have no complications are cheaper. In Wisconsin, the heart bypass surgery at the St. Mary’s Hospital costs $71,000. On the other hand, in Tennessee, the Baptist Memorial health Care asks for up to $115,000 without the doctor fee. If there are complications, the procedure might cost up to $215,000. There is also the surgeon fee that can be more than $5,000. The American heart Association declared that heart bypass surgery usually costs $117,094. This price does not include the doctor fee.

This price usually entails the procedure itself called heart bypass surgery and the hospitalization. If there is more than one artery that needs to be bypassed, the procedure can be called quadruple, triple or double bypass. The recovery requires a longer hospitalization, almost a week, and up to one month and a half off from work.

There are also some additional costs that the patient must support. So, the sufferer will need some physical therapy. One session of physical therapy is between $100 and $400. The patient will also have to take some medicine such as an ACE inhibitor that controls heart failure and blood pressure, a statin that keeps the cholesterol under control, a beta – blocker and a blood thinning medication. Each of these medicines can cost between $10 and $200 per month. There are certain hospitals that offer discounts for cash – paying and uninsured patients. They can get up to 35% off.

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